Adjustable Cat Feeding Doorway Restrictor

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Introducing the PawGuard™ Adjustable Feeding Door Restrictor, the perfect solution for controlling access and portion control while feeding your cats.

🐾 The PawGuard™ allows you to customise and restrict access to the feeding area, ensuring your cat gets the right size portion without overeating.

🐾 This pet accessory fits easily into a variety of door sizes, making it suitable for any room or area where you feed your cats.

The PawGuard™ is made of pet-safe materials that are non-toxic and easy to clean.

🐾 It doesn't take long to install the feeding stopper and won't damage your doors. It's a convenient addition to your cat's feeding regime.

With PawGuard™, you can be sure your cats are getting food in the right proportions for their health and well-being. Say goodbye to intruders at mealtime and hello with convenient portion control.
the pet passes through the opening created by the stopper and you do not need to keep the door open.
the door closing limiter allows a pet to enter the door
the dimensions of the closing stop are small but convenient 3*10.5 cm
the door closing limiter is easy and convenient to use