Play games with a dog

Play is the simplest and most natural way to train a dog, which is not only beneficial but also enjoyable for everyone involved: owner and pet. Play is the most physiologically appropriate way for pets to express their natural empathy and emotionality.

Playing with a puppy is not as easy as it sounds. In addition to physical training, puppies begin to learn basic commands and discipline at the age of 2-3 months. Regular educational play will help your puppy adapt more quickly to unfamiliar surroundings, get used to the people around him, and ultimately develop the best qualities of your pet's character.
It is very important to choose the right tone of communication and to define the roles of the participants in the game. From the first days of acquaintance, your dog should feel that the human is in charge. This is particularly important for owners of large and dangerous breeds. Pets from these two groups are attracted to dominance, and at 8-9 months of age they are not inferior to humans in terms of physical strength, so if they are not given the right attitude in childhood, they will quickly get out of control.

To prevent this, the following rules should be observed when playing with your dog

The game begins and ends at the owner's command;
discourage any attempts to change the game;
Enforce your conditions, even if the pet expresses dissatisfaction;
Use a favourite toy for training and a favourite treat for reward;
Be patient, even-tempered and friendly; cruelty is unacceptable.
During the game, it is necessary to remember the instincts that are inherent in the dog's character, namely the fight for life and competition. All moments of the game must be clearly planned and must not include tasks that would cause aggression in the animal.
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