Why does a pet need toys?

Of course a child needs toys, but why an animal? In the wild, animals can do without toys. In fact, no! All children play, they just have different ways of entertaining themselves. All animals grow up in a pack of brothers and sisters, with whom they have a lot of fun. And the toys they use are usually twigs, sticks or the ear of another animal. They take each other's simple "trophies", run around and tease their siblings with prey. A puppy or kitten in a human pack is alone. Without mum, relatives and the usual fun. What can a child do?

  • Play game

    A baby, or even an adult pet without toys, will find its own entertainment in the house. No living creature can sleep or lie still all the time. A pet cannot read a book or watch television. If you do not provide interesting toys, it will begin to amuse itself with objects it finds around it. And those are enough in any human home.

  • Education and training

    The owner uses toys to teach the pet to keep the house in order. You can't chew the wire, but you can chew the ball. You can't pull a shoe, but you can pull a rope. Every time it tries to grab something it doesn't want, it's offered a toy in return. Which is usually much more interesting than a rope and a shoe, especially if it squeaks or rings.

  • Getting used to loneliness

    When the owner is out of the house or just busy, pet toys are a great way to distract yourself from being bored with your owner. It's like not being all alone and not being too bored. You can nibble and even run and jump when you're tired of lying down. Channel excess energy in a peaceful direction.

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